The Book ok Gates Graphic Novel

The Book of Gates is a Trading Game Collection of 10,008 Character NFTs – Unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain. Your Character NFT will make you an Initiate in one of seven Secret Societies, granting you rights and privileges of your order. Presale...

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Snuggle Buddies Unleased Mint

The second collection from Snuggle Buddies is landing on October 18. 3,333 brand new creatures are being unleashed from the Snuggle Buddies Universe; this time even more cute, funny, strange, and snuggly! These Snuggle Buddies range in shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, and interests, but one...

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Samiru NFT

The Samiru NFT is a unique project that is planned as a starting point for the large projects behind it. There are several directions related to branding and web3 development. The roadmap is fully subject to vote after mint. You’re the one who chooses the...

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Mechanisms is a portrait series focusing on the different AI life forms (Mechanisms) on board the mechanical planet Cybotica. This collection of 8 unique animations and images created by NFT artist "New Rival" will be available on October 17th on the Ethereum blockchain. All pieces...

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Curious Cats Sale

CuriousCats| Ethereum | ERC-721 | Collection of 2000 unique 1/1 art pieces It is said that cats came from outer space, a parallel universe to ours, the universe predominantly inhibited by Cats! In that Cativerse, cats are the master race. Each cat is an individual,...

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League of Lions

The Lifetime Pass is a collection of 1,000 3D NFT utility tokens created on the Cardano blockchain and the beginning of the circle of life in the League of Lion's ecosystem. Holding this exclusive ticket guarantees you all of the following: Early, guaranteed WL access...

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